Nights in Nocris

Last Year in the Overarching Plot
aka i am bad at updates

Beginning in March 2017:
Talin and Ubran
- hired two bugbears from Sniv’s bodyguard pool (Vikrat and Gritkil)
- explored the beginning of Floor 2: got Gritkil killed by hobgoblins
- extensively argued/debated the morality of torture and necromancy
-Daxter wandered off to explore koboldtown but got turned around and taken by surprise by a spectral barge (fought valiently but dragged aboard).
- won the Horn of Hexidor and a fancy hat
-Gerrik got drunk and attempted to create black powder
-Kargan snooped around and fell 2 floors, breaking his arm (again!) and now has minimal knowledge of Floor 3
The group then:
-attempted to rout hobgoblins, failing
-losing Annabelle (npc) and Dax (r.i.p. Assassin)
-Notarized Umbran’s deed
-discovered Ludo was abducted by lizardfolk, attempted a halfcocked rescue that resulted in Dax’s final downfall (“lured into a trap…”) by giant toads
-met new companion Osmos the craft priest, and hired Ari and Ianto as henchmen
-rescued Ludo, wreaking vengeance on lizardfolk by killing Gharial the shaman
-killed the murderous inmates on floor 2, earning Talin the title of Princebane after killing Prince Rythik (trial by fire courtesy of Ceeri)
-attacked by Pridos, a vampire of no renown, who enthralled Ceeri, bringing about the phrase “The Third Floor”
-Ceeri won a bet in Ilara earning herself the deed to a rundown bar in Anum
-met Lachesis, a shadowy patron in Stonehell, began dealing in corpses on her behalf, leading to umbran discovering his snake lady kink
-Opened the Hexexperiment, discovering the need to learn how to open elemental doors, earning themselves a long rivalry with the bugbears and Faulkth
-Ceeri and Osmos had a solo adventure, destroying orcs and rescuing orcish women
-many trading missions
-debated the morality of undead (many times over)
-Ceeri finally decided to complete the quest of Zakkharn, who revived her many times. Destroyed the temple of the Lady of Whips, earning a boon
-Began to build up Ceeri’s bar, many drunken nights, dealing with thieves guild, etc.
-Talin and Umbran opened a shop!
-Went to dinner with the Gentleman Ghouls, decimated their home, Topher died and Ceeri lost both arms in a tragic lightning attack
-Roe vs Wade (fishing rights? why??)
-Osmos got enui, Topher accidentally seduced some ogres who proceeded to buy him
-destroyed the Marrow-sucker Ogres and defiled their goddesses statue
-Met the Vrilya, who barred them from their “lands”
-got a parole officer from Lachesis
-discovered the Mountain Trolls, killing many and rescuing some slaves

session 3
a.k.a we made a friend!

following their needed return to westwatch after having two companions take grevious injuries in the depths of stone hell, our party took advantage of the downtime to seek new party members (Kypris, a female rogue/bard) and restock their much needed healing supplies (our poor healer is consistantly broke). They once again delved in to the deep halls of the dungeon, discovering a well to another floor, defeating a giant gecko (known as Da Dragon), and defending themselves against a cleaning party of kobolds. They eventually captured and persuaded another cleaning crew to tell them a little about the area, and after learning there was a necromancer/evil cleric living in the catacombs close by they decided on an ambush, figuring the human and easier target then the two warring factions of orcs. their plan went off without a hitch (a rarity!) and they were able to end the night, secure in the knowledge they had gained a bit of coin and possibly some decent karma.


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