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  • Umbran Of Qosom

    h1. [[:umbran-of-qosum | Umbran of Qosum]] Umbran is a Qosumite warlock in self imposed exile in Nocris. He has taken up adventuring to support himself, falling in with Talin and Kargan, continuing on with the group until the present. More recently he …

  • Talin Venomscorn

    *_Then:_* Exiled daughter of a wealthy mercantile consortium, Talin grew up comfortably in the auspices of up and coming wealth. A puckish troublemaker, she lived in the shadows of innumerable "cousins", "aunts", and "uncles", despite the odd fact …

  • Intermission

    An archive of stories running concurrent to the campaign. Feel free to add your own! h2. [[A Rude Awakening | A Rude Awakening]] Wherein Ari and Talin plan for a party. h2. [[Codecil | Codecil]] Wherein a rag is dirtied.

  • A Rude Awakening

    close your eyes. open them again. The dim grey of the space behind your eyelids shifts to a deeper black as they open wider than you thought possible, starving for any glimmer of light. Your hand probes desperately in front of you, …

  • Codecil

    The bitter scent of pollen mingles with her perfume as she braids your hair. The late morning sun is warm here in the garden. You feel a cool bead of sweat forming at the base of your neck while she works. The braids grow heavy as the pulls them …

  • Ceeri the Assassin

    usual orphan story, ran with group of small children, had to kill one and was taken in by group of assassins to be trained. she eventually made her way south, taking contracts and eventually ended up in west watch.